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"Welcome to Blue Rift National Park, the largest mountain range in the world"

Mountain Rescue: Kings of Highs is a 2D Metroidvania-style game focusing on exploration and orienteering gameplay. The game was designed mixing traditional 2D level design with a more modern open-world map structure to create a game world where exploration and map reading skills combine with environmental risk to form an explorative and atmospheric experience.

Follow the small rescue team at HQ-2 in their everyday life on their mission to save those lost in the mountains while dealing with an inhospitable environment, interpersonal conflict, political tension, and a subtle paranormal undercurrent.

Developer Note: The game is still actively in development. I'm a solo developer and this is the second game I'm trying to bring to fruition so if you can give me any type of feedback I'll greatly appreciate it.

This is still very early in development, with many systems, visuals, animations, and... well a lot of things being placeholders to be replaced in the future. I'm releasing it as is mostly to gather feedback and see if people have some interest in it. The project as it stands is a little too big for one person, sometimes I have the feeling I'm biting more than I can chew, but I'm sticking to it because I think I can build something interesting out of it, so again any feedback is appreciated.

About this version: I didn't do any proofreading on this version so expect some crimes against grammar here and there. Also didn't perform any level of QA in the macOS version for the game, I guarantee it runs but not that it will run well, it should run well, profiling indicates it should run well but I ran no test so...


Mountain Rescue KOH - Windows 114 MB
Mountain Rescue KOH - Linux 129 MB
Mountain Rescue KOH - macOS 123 MB

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